Customer Care

Care Instructions

In order to maintain your POMS piece, we recommend you treat the piece with care

Keep all jewellery dry and put on after the use of cosmetics or body products. Contact with water, moisturiser, sunscreen can result in tarnishing or plated treatments wearing off. Chlorine or salted water can also severely discolour your jewellery.

Avoid wearing whilst showering, at swimming pools, at the beach or whilst exercising.

Limiting contact with rough surfaces can prevent changes to colour and scratching of the metal.

Store your jewellery in a safe place.

Please note that our pieces are made from plated or oxidised metal and will tarnish with lots of wear.

Please also visit our Product Information page for information on plating and oxidising.

It is not recommended to wash your POMS if they get dirty. They can stand getting wet, however do not attempt to clean them with detergent or immerse them in water, as you will damage the synthetic fibres.