Roundness is not just a quality, but an essence. It brings back memories, makes you feel something. It is satisfying and sound; delimited yet infinite.

While roundness might look simple, it has the potential to surprise. Snowballs are made up of snow flakes - about which we know no two are alike. In nature as it is in theory, the spherical structure, the sum, masks the complexity of its parts.

Pompons, the breed of chrysanthemum from which pom poms take their name, are globular - but a close look will tell you that their petals have several prongs, completely at odds with their collective appearance.

POMS are about the at-once defiant and desirable nature of roundness. POMS present a perfect form rendered in soft, brightly coloured cottons, set among stones and metals in contrasting shapes.

Words - Amelia Stein